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Most Favorite is your very own free home page and will not change unless you want it too.  Your computer crashes, you get a new computer with a new operating system and you still have your very own home page that will give you place of comfort because it will have the same layout as you left it.  MF has very easy navigation features that will allow you to search within your favorites and you can decide when to check for news updates instead of getting inundated with newsletter emails every day.  Save time and Search better with MF, and don’t get too stressed when everything around us in the internet world is changing at lightning pace.

We are in process of adding all topics that will provide the best options.  MF will be reviewing your feedback on a daily basis so we can expand our category selection. is in the BETA stage and we didn’t want to wait any longer to launch the site, there will be some bugs to fix, just send us feedback and we plan to keep charging forward so that we can enable you to utilize and help you save time and search better.

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